Our attorneys are also known for their extensive experience representing property owners, real estate investors, business owners, country clubs and lenders. If you are looking for experienced attorney to handle your real estate transaction, you are in the right place. For property owners who manage residential and commercial investment properties, we provide legal counsel on leasing, acquisitions and sales. Should you have a dispute with a tenant, we also handle residential and commercial evictions.


Our community association practice has also provided the opportunity to represent many country clubs and similar associations. Clubs that are not part of a mandatory HOA or condominium association operate under different rules and laws, and it is important to work with legal counsel who has counseled boards and clubs on various legal issues and By-law drafting. Your club is going to encounter a complex project or dispute at some point, and we encourage you to contact us for assistance and guidance.


Our attorneys have served as counsel for large and mid-size banks on complex real estate loans, and we have represented borrowers in need of additional capital for their business or real estate developments. When you are involved in complex loans, it is important to work with legal counsel who has experience drafting and reviewing the documents needed to protect your legal interests.


If you are forming, buying or selling a business on your own, mistakes can be costly. Your business is too important to your future, and the protection of your personal assets is equally important.     In using the services of a business attorney, you will be making an investment that can save you tenfold if you end up in a legal dispute with a partner, shareholder or customer. If you are forming a new partnership or joint venture with another person or company, it is critical to draft an appropriate agreement that governs the management of the enterprise and any sale, succession or “buy out” scenarios. Our attorneys have the necessary experience to handle most of your business and corporate legal needs.